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Keyshia Kaoir

Now we all now Gucci's chic is bad....BUTT we all know how thirsty a nigga get when we're locked up. Anything that show a nigga some true loyalty can have a nigga's heart while he's locked in the pen. But as soon as we get out....all them other bad bitches start throwing them juicy PHAT ASSES at a nigga. Yea we like homegirl that held us down...BUTT them sluts are lookin real tempting. And they aint requiring shit. So now a nigga looks back at his situation...he got a wall betweeen him and PHAT ASSES. 


Honestly I give it about 4 to 6 more months with this blonde haired bubble butt and it's a wrap.

@Gucci1017 Keyshia Kaoir AKA @KeyshiaKaoir Is PHAT To Def BUTT
592 views Jun 19, 2016
HunterGatherer Commisioner 2,147,483,647 points

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