Fake Booty is a crime – Report It

Fake Booty
Even though the idea of having a fake booty has been around for years, during the last 10 years or so it has sky rocketed. Fake booty is an abomination. It ignores nature and natural selection. Chica with natural phat ass were in fact selected to have that ass. Which is why it is perfectly proportioned on the body. Nine times out of ten I can spot a fake booty within seconds of observing it. The way it bounces etc. Many of these asses look stupid as fuck.
So we went ahead and decided to start a fake booty reporting group. This is for all those chics walkin around with deformed cakes thinkin they look cute but look stupid as fuk. We're putting that ass on blast.
Disclaimer: Not all cosmetic booty looks nasty. This is because they are smart and get post op procedure called Lymphatic Drainage Massage.

Join Our Fake Booty reporting group.

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