Fake Booty is killing the game

Fake booty is destroying the game

If you love booty you gotta understand where I'm coming from. Fake booty is ruining the game. It's changing the game almost like the rap game let me explain.

Back in the day they were only a select few of women with an organic phat booty. This made it hard for a man to land one. This meant a dude had to have serious word play. The demand for fat booty was at its highest point during the 90s. The supply of phat booty was naturally low and the demand was high. Then with the outbreak of silicone, followed by other deadly chemicals women tried their hardest to emulate true phat booty. However, these primitive methods failed to deliver the desired outcome. Then came the Brazilian butt lift and the fat transfer. These two methods have proven to be the highest rated among these types of procedures. The evolution began.

With these new waves of women taking trips for booty enhancement surgery, the supply of phat booty sky rocketed to the situation we have today. The demand for phat booty has plummeted. Now Damn near every female has what may appear to be a phat ass. While I can tell the difference between a natural phat ass and a surgically enhanced booty many can't. Many dont even care if its an organic ass or not. 


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The question no woman can answer!!

The question no woman can answer!!

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