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Lonzo Ball Disrespects Hip-Hop | Says Nas Is Irrelevant ?

Lonzo Ball says Nas isn't real hip-hop and Migos and Future are real hip-hop

Is this dick head serious? Somebody please tell this faggot to eat balls like his name. FOH. Fake ass Drake...This is what growing up without a father can do to you. Make you dumb as fuck. This dude aint qualified enough to speak on Nas. Not only is it Disrespectful to Nas it's disrespectful to hip-hop...and it's disrespectful to me and all my peoples around the world that cherish artists like Nas. Peep what fag boy had to say.

Moreover, peep how XXLMAG stays on the impartial side even when something is said that direspects the fabric of the hip-hop culture. Blackball them too.

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