MAKE MONEY ASAP – Sensible Mobi Reward Network (Sensible Wallet)

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Get the Sensible Mobi Platform License including the easy, fun, unique, beautiful, fully customizable, powerful affiliate system, and feature rich platform where you keep all of your earnings you generate!

Product Description

The Sensible Mobi Platform is all new  platform designed to connect you with the $60 Billion and growing Mobile App Industry!

Get the Sensible Mobi Platform License including the easy, fun, unique, beautiful, fully customizable, powerful affiliate system, and feature rich platform where you keep all of your earnings you generate!

We’ve experienced overwhelming success with our App Sensible Wallet since we lauched in 2016 as people may get tired of a game but they will never get tired of earning money! So now is the time to start your Evergreen business!

You will receive the Sensible Mobi Platform License which includes the complete Frotend Source Code, Documentation, Administrative Panel access, and The Latest APK of our app Sensible Wallet!

The Sensible Mobi Platform is complete with Ad Networks including Offerwalls and Video Networks!

Sensible Mobi Pro is also now required for all Sensible Mobi Platform users, it provides free access to where you can easily manage all of your users. Sensible Mobi Pro is our Premier Cloud, Secure Hosting, and Continuing Platform Update Solution for the Sensible Mobi Platform.

The Good News is you won’t have to purchase any hosting to run Sensible Mobi! All Administrative Panels are processing within 24 hours of purchase and submission of our Administrative Process Return Form located within our Documentation which you can view below.

You will be able to Manage all of Your User Information, Add Rewards, Send Notifications, and Much More. For a Complete List of Features download the Complete Sensible Mobi Documentation below.

Immediately after purchasing the platform please email us your Video .


  • Android Studio Project
  • Registration/Login: ( Facebook, Google Plus)
    • Easily Connect Via Facebook and Google Plus
    • See With Google Analytics
    • Connect Your Account with AppFigures or AppAnnie to Monitor many Networks!
    • Email Can Be Used but it is recommended to use Facebook or Google Plus to ensure that your users are validated: A Registration Confirmation Email is sent to the user as well).
  • Integrated with Google Analytics
  • Integrated with Firebase
  • Integrated with Google Cloud Messaging (Automatically Notify users when they complete an offer)!
  • Many Earnings can be Managed using AppAnnie
  • You Can Easily Rebrand this app, change colors, logo, etc.
  • To get started all you will have to do is change create an account with the implemented ad serving agencies and enter the User ID’s. The developer can assist with this if needed.
  • Country Listing: Easily add countries to the Backend.
  • Daily Check-In – Keeps users coming back to earn. You can set the amount that this is worth in the backend.

★ Unlimited Possibilities This app is limited to your imagination as the source code for the Frontend and Backend are completely open source. You can easily add more networks, offer more/different prizes, target any specific country, run promotions, and much more!
★ Rewards Managed directly from the Backend/Admin Panel included in this auction. Add any amount of Rewards You Desire from Walmart, iTunes, Google Play, and more! User Receives a Notification when offer is processed in the backend. You can simply email the user PayPal Cash or Gift Cards via the email that they provide from any reseller of digital gift cards!
★ Invite Managed directly from the Backend/Admin Panel included in this auction. User shares their Invite ID and are rewarded but only once the user has reached 100 credits so you are sure to earn from every new user you acquire.
★ Connect Managed directly from the Administrative Panel included in this auction. Easily add your backend social/webpages or use them to advertise to attract new users.

★ FAQ, Terms of Service, Assistance

★ Full Admin panel with all the features you need:

  • Managed directly from the Backend/Admin Panel. Easily add your text to assist the user.
  • Rate Our App- This will take the user to Google Play to rate the app.
  • Features of the Admin/Backend Panel
  • Complete Log of Users and Amount of Credits Earned
  • Add or Deduct Credits
  • View User’s Invited Friends
  • Add Country Listing
  • Add/ Organize Gift Cards assigned to each Country
  • Change Menu Text (FAQ, Terms of Service, Assistance)
  • Manage How Many Credits users are rewarded for Daily Login, and Invited Friends
  • Manage Social Networks listed within the app.
  • See full listing of offers completed by users.
  • Manage Pending Rewards/ List
  • View Date on which offer was Redeemed/Amount, Email, User ID,
  • Easily Mark Rewards as Complete or Decline Them
  • Sensible Mobi is Integrated with top paying Ad Networks to for your users to enjoy. Simply setup accounts with the following ad networks. You Can also hide and re-arrange any of the Ad Networks listed below!


How to Use and Reskin:

Simply download and follow the Provided Documentation edit the front end source code within Android Studio.You can Change Earning ID’s, Language, Color Scheme, Branding, and Upload to Google Play. Knowledge of Android Studio is Recommended for any Reskining Project.

Take a Look at the Documentation Below to Get a Look at the Reskining Process Designed for the Non Developer in mind: It’s very straightforward and we are always here for support! Also you can go ahead start setting up your accounts on the Various Networks as well!

Sensible Mobi Documentation


Currently Sensible Wallet averages $700 Per Day, From Our Growing User Base! Get Started with your own App Advertising Business easily today!



Current Package Version: 7.3

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