Ten Phat Commandments


Official Phat Booty Rules And Regulations

  1. PHAT is not to be confused with FAT. There is nothing wrong with being overweight, however too many women are being wrongly classified.

  2. Arching ones back to the point of fracture only to give the illusion of PHAT is considered fraud. You should be able to stand up straight with a noticeable PHAT booty to qualify.

  3. Holding the bottom of the butt cheeks with hands or fingers to give the illusion of PHAT is to be considered fraud.

  4. As of late, athletic booty is constantly being mistakenly classified as PHAT booty. When in fact they are just nicely toned shape wise. This is NOT PHAT booty. Organic PHAT booty has a natural soft gelatin like consistency that can not be duplicated by exercising.

  5. Dancers/strippers are not automatically classified as PHAT. Nor are those who twerk on camera. Many dancers have deformed cakes and are effectively disqualified from PHAT booty classifications.

  6. Models and/or actresses with booty implants or have had any kind of work done to their derrière get less PHAT booty points than those with organic PHAT booty.

  7. Being classified as having a PHAT ass does not automatically constitute sex appeal. As both are completely different with some similarities...And vice versa

  8. Being THICK is not to be confused with the PHAT classification. A very sexy lady can have some nice thick thighs, big hips, and a nicely shaped booty. This would be considered THICK not PHAT.

  9. Round Bottom PHAT has been getting a considerable amount of attention. Bottom Round is when the ass is flat from the spine on down...but rounds off with a hint of PHAT at the bottom. A good example of this is Jenna Shea. Bending over gives the perception of PHAT booty but in actuality it is NOT true COMPLETE PHAT ass.

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